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Go Forth Athlete Spotlight: Blake Brown

At Go Forth, we're proud to support elite grapplers who inspire us and excel in the sport. Our spotlight series showcases these athletes, revealing who they are, where they are from, and why they train. Join us as we explore the stories of these dedicated individuals and celebrate their achievements in the grappling community.

Blake Brown is a purple belt under Clay Mayfield at Triangle Academy in Nashville, TN. Blake has been training jiu jitsu for 4 years, equipped with an unorthodox style for an athlete in his weight class, he competes very frequently and there is a good bet wherever you see him competing you will also see him in the open weight. Blake has dedicated himself to the pursuit of becoming a world champion, a feat he has already accomplished at the blue belt level. Though competition is a big part of Blake’s training, there are plenty of other aspects of jiu jitsu to enjoy: “My favorite part of jiujitsu is there is always something new to learn and experiment with.”

Blake is a tremendous grappler but also has other interests outside of training, he coaches wrestling in his free time as well as works as a nurse. Blake also has a passion for cooking, a true cheat code for a competition athlete.Though we sponsor Blake for his exploits on the competition mats, equally important is the quality of person. Blake was one of the first athletes we ever sponsored and has rocked with us from day one. If you want to support Blake you can do so by using his affiliate code: BLOCKAY at checkout for 10% off. You can follow Blake on instagram @blockaybrown .

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