IBJJF Pan American Recap - Go Forth

IBJJF Pan American Recap

The IBJJF Pan Championships are a cornerstone in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world, showcasing the dedication, skill, and spirit of its competitors. This year, the Go Forth team stood out with remarkable performances, demonstrating the strength and quality of our brand's athletes.

Held in a venue brimming with enthusiasm and competitive spirit, the IBJJF Pan Championships offered a platform for athletes to challenge their limits and exhibit their prowess. Competitors from various categories came together, each with their eyes on the prize, setting the stage for a series of unforgettable matches.

Our brand, Go Forth, proudly sponsored several athletes who not only competed with heart and determination but also achieved notable success. Here's a rundown of how our team members fared:

Sarah Wills showcased her adept technique and strategic finesse on the mats, clinching 3rd place in a display of tenacity and skill.

Pedro Moura's commitment to excellence was evident as he secured 3rd place, demonstrating exceptional agility and Jiu-Jitsu IQ, which reflects the high standards of our Go Forth team.

Kenzie Bruns earned 3rd place with a performance that was nothing short of inspirational. Her matches were a testament to her hard work and the effectiveness of her training regimen.

Deon Roby claimed 2nd place, standing out with his remarkable performance. His journey through the tournament was marked by determination and a display of top-tier grappling skills.

Faith Howard made an impressive mark by securing 2nd place in her weight class and 3rd in the open weight class. Her resilience and adaptability were key to her success across different challenges.

The achievements of our athletes at the IBJJF Pan Championships are a source of pride for Go Forth. Their success is a reflection of our commitment to excellence, not just in the quality of our gear but in nurturing the spirit and talent of those who wear it. As we celebrate their victories, we're reminded of our slogan, "Go forth and conquer," which our athletes embody with every match they compete in.

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