CJ Murdock Camp at Black Flag Jiu Jitsu

CJ Murdock Camp at Black Flag Jiu Jitsu

Just last weekend our friends at ACS+ Hemp and Black Flag Jiujitsu brought out PSF black belts CJ and Josh Murdock. CJ and Josh are prepping for no-gi worlds, a long and expensive venture for any grappler, but seminars along with donations and sponsorships help quite a long way. 30+ people gathered to learn from the Murdocks and help support their run to no gi worlds. Our friends from Don’t Tap Championship stopped by to train and film  the whole seminar with CJ and many others at the camp having upcoming matches on DTC 4.

Josh and CJ taught three sessions over two days, mostly on passing and guard retention. Multiple Rockford academies came together to participate and learn from two high level competitors, from one of the best  teams in the world. “We want to have the  best guys out here,” said Black Flag head coach Kenny Martin, “And that’s what we’re going to do.” A vlog of the camp is available to view for free on fightstreams.tv. 

DTC 4 will be held on January 7th on fightstreams.live, and we here at Go Forth could be more excited. Co-founder Aaron Lynde is set to make his DTC debut along with several of his Black Flag teammates. With a rule set that never disappoints, and cards and matchmaking that get better and better, DTC 4 is set to be quite the event.

Jiu jitsu in the area is on the rise and seeing people contribute to that and add to the culture is quite the beautiful thing. Check out CJ (@bolothebamba) and Josh (@sluglife1.0) on instagram and book them to teach world class technique. Shout out to  ACS+ (@acsplushemp) and Black Flag (@blackflagjj) for putting on this awesome event as well. Subscribe to the Go Forth newsletter for the latest news and drops.

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