Go Forth Affiliate program

Go Forth Affiliate program

What’s up Go Forth family? The tribe is growing rapidly and we couldn’t be more grateful. With your support we are going to be able to give back more and more to the community we all love being a part of. The grappling community is exploding world wide as we enter what I like to call, The Golden Age Of Grappling. This means more competitions, more academies, more gear and the opportunity for grapplers to make a living off competing. Gordon Ryan talked about this in a recent interview and his predictions seem accurate and realistic. There will be, in the next couple years, a massive expansion of opportunities for grapplers. We are incredibly grateful to be in a position to help make this possible through a Go Forth Affiliate program.

We will be rolling out a number of affiliate athletes in the coming weeks. Our customers are highly encouraged to use their discount coupon codes. This will directly help an athlete that is active in our community. You save 10% and help put a few dollars in an up and coming athletes pocket. We feel this is the perfect way to continue our mission to advance the art of ground combat and provide opportunities to grapplers.

The first few people we onboard to the Go Forth Affiliate program will be from our sponsored athletes. We have Blake “Blockay” Brown, an IBJJF world champ out of Triangle Academy Of Jiu-Jitsu, the Franklin Tennessee PSF affiliate, who you can support by using coupon code: “Blockay” at checkout for 10% your total purchase. We also have our favorite Youtuber and jiujitsu competitor Carson “Carsahh” Quinene a tough blue belt under Gabriel Sousa who you can support by using code: “Carsahh” at checkout for 10% off your purchase. 

The whole Go Forth team is ecstatic to start this new chapter or giving back to the community. We will continue to use Instagram (@goforthbrand) for giveaways, keep sponsoring events that provide legitimate opportunities for grapplers and now an affiliate program all in the name of our original mission. We are here to advance the art of ground combat and provide opportunities to BJJ athletes. There’s no rest for the wicked, so make no mistake about it, this is far from the last step in fulfilling our mission. Once again we can’t express our gratitude enough to our supporters for making this tribe the most badass community in the grappling gear world! Now, help us continue to Go Forth and Conquer by using the affiliate coupon codes whenever you purchase. With your help will keep expanding the opportunities in the community. 


Affiliates & Codes:


Carson “Carsahh” Quinene – “Carsahh”



Blake “Blockay” Brown – “Blockay



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