IBJJF Nashville Open Results

IBJJF Nashville Open Results

This past weekend marked one of the last IBJJF Open tournaments in the US for the 2022 season. We were lucky enough to have two of our sponsored athletes competing at the Nashville Open and the results speak for themselves. It was an amazing event and may have been one the biggest opens we’ve seen since before Covid.


First up, our very own Jeffery Larsen (representing Black Flag Jiujitsu and Pedigo Submission Fighting) performed very well in the Adult Men’s 195lb bracket. He moved up a full weight class for this and had 20 people in his bracket. He was able to get 3 submissions, including in the final and racked up an impressive 11-0 win in the semi’s earning him a first place finish in his second ever IBJJF tournament. He will be an exciting up and comer to watch for in the next few years. Go follow him over on IG: @jefftheuke


Up next, Blake “Blockay” Brown, had yet another dominant performance. He managed to pull off a double gold performance in the gi and a gold and silver performance in no-gi. He’s another guy you need to know about, as we expect his rise to be somewhat meteoric. Blake had a mean D’arce but he hit a number of notable submission finishes over the course of the Nashville open, including an arm bar from crucifix and a Tarikoplata. 


Brown trains and competes out of Traingle Jiujitsu in Franklin, TN under head coach Clay Mayfield. You may have heard of them if you follow Daisy Fresh on Youtube or you follow the Pedigo Submissions Fighting team. Triangle is an affiliate of PSF and is part of the PSF competition team. Pedigo Submission Fighting was able to snag the 3rd place overall team trophy with their impressive performances as a team.

Go Forth is beyond proud to say we sponsor both Larsen and Brown. They embody the message and mission of Go Forth as a brand. See our apparel and BJJ gear up on the podium is sweet but watching these two develop into monsters on the mat is even more rewarding. Keep on the lookout for both of them over the next couple years. Brown is a likely contender for 1st place at worlds this year so be on the look out. 


Blake Brown wins IBJJF open
Jeff Larsen Get’s 1st at IBJJF Open

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