IBJJF Pan Ams Results

IBJJF Pan Ams Results

This weekend marked the conclusion of the 2023 IBJJF Pan American Championships, one of the 4 major gi tournaments held every year. This year saw an incredible field of competitors engage in some absolutely amazing matches. Just in the black belt divisions we saw Tainan Dalpra continue his undefeated tear through IBJJF competition as a black belt. We also saw Nicholas Meregali win double gold in his return to gi competition with 6 of 7 matches ending by submission. Meregali stated he views himself as the person to “save” gi jiu jitsu. Finally we saw Adam Wardzinski complete a stellar comeback down 9 points against IBJJF #1 ranked black belt Felipe Andrew.

It was not just the black belts, however, that put on a show this year. The level of technique throughout all belt levels continues to improve throughout the sport. Several high level brown and purple belts put on impressive showings, showcasing the future black belt competitors. Not to mention the fact that blue belt continues to be the deepest competition pool in the IBJJF scene. Though colored belts will receive a majority of the coverage and exposure from the tournament, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge the white belt competitors.

White belts are the foundation of any good gym and any good team, white belts go on to become colored belt world champions and grow not only your academy but the sport as well. No team emphasizes that white belts matter quite like the winners of this year’s novice team trophy; Pedigo Submission Fighting. Pedigo has a reputation of breeding tough competitors who show up to fight, and their white belts are no different. With several white belt gold medalists and competitors on the podium in nearly every white belt division, it is no wonder Flo Grappling dedicated a vlog to showcase the Daisy Fresh white belts.

Overall Pan Ams continued to showcase the high level of competition in our sport as well as what the future of jiu jitsu may hold.

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