Jime Litwalk Collab Anouncement!

Jime Litwalk Collab Anouncement!

The Submissions Hoodie - Go Forth X Jime Litwalk (Black)The Submissions T-shirt - Go Forth X Jime Litwalk (White)

We figure we’ll sleep when we’re dead… so, while we’re up drinking an irresponsible amount of coffee listening to our southing death metal favorites we figure we can squeeze out a bunch of designs. The main thing we want to announce though is our new “Artist Signature Series.” Wait til you find out about what we have cookin’!


Sunday November 6th marked the launch of our FIRST ever Signature Artist Series. If you missed the live stream where we gave one away for free, then you definitely want to get over our instagram and follow along there (@goforthbrand).  When Jime Litwalk (IG: @jimelitwalk) reached out to Kennt, on of the owners of Go Forth, we instantly got very excited. Who is Jime Litwalk you ask? Well, if you’re into tattoo culture like we are then you already know. For those that don’t know:


Jime Litwalk is a tattoo artist who was featured in season three and season seven of Ink Master as well as the Christmas special Merry Ink. He is a tattoo artist at Hart & Huntington Co. (which was featured in the television show Inked) and also works at his own private studio in Orlando, Florida.” 


So, needless to say, when Jime reached out we were ecstatic. As it turns out, Jime isn’t just an incredible tattoo artist, he’s also a Brown Belt in Jiujitsu. His fun and iconic style seemed like the perfect way to break up our usual occult/heavy metal themes. Not to mention, he’s someone we all look up to as an tattoo artist. This was the moment our Artist Signature Series idea came to life.


We are planning several BIG name collabs over the next year and hope to release an Artist Signature Series apparel/rash guard set/patch set at least quarterly. The one we have lined up next will blow your minds! We Promise!  If you know us then you also know that’s not all we have in store. There’s a bad ass IBJJ legal ranked rashguard series launching VERY soon and our Left Hand Path rash guard set is live now too!

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