New Release – Go Forth Brand Presents: Left Hand Rashie Set

left hand path rash guard. front and back picture of the rash guar and shorts set.

New Release – Go Forth Brand Presents: Left Hand Rashie Set

We always strive to produce designs that flex our ideals of independence and free will. The Left Hand Rashie and shorts set encompasses the many principles we teach in BJJ and try to practice in our lives. This rash guard is striking in a number of ways and the quality is top tier. We love challenging the status quo, we are the black sheep and misfit toys. It’s time for a BJJ rashguard brand to match that energy. Treat yourself or your friend to one at a discount during Black Friday through Cyber Monday! The perfect gift idea for any grappler, we ALWAYS need new BJJ gear.

The icon on the back of the Left Hand Rashie has many esoteric and hidden meanings. We’ll leave most of them to you to interpret. However, there are a couple important symbols we do want to highlight. The broken chain, the torch and the eye at the center have a deeper meaning. As does the logo on the chest wrapped in a Uroboros, or a snake eating its own tail. There’s a lot of detail and thought that went into this design. We’ve had some people ask what the meaning behind the icons are. So, we decided to shed some light on them. 

In Jiu Jitsu we often talk about facing fears or overcoming obstacles in life, this broken chain represents the process of breaking the chains of our limiting beliefs. Further, we often talk about the inward journey of self-discovery we all take in the course of our BJJ “careers.” The Torch represents this inward journey, highlighting the way we seek knowledge from both our coaches and ourselves through trial and error to attain a level of mastery of our martial art and our own self. Lastly, the eye which represents apotheosis which is defined as the peak mastery. Our ultimate goal in BJJ, if we really boil it down, is to learn to not be controlled by others and as we master the art we can exert control of those that wish to control us. This is what we see as true freedom when we apply this principle to our whole life.

The icon or sigil on the chest containing our logo can be interpreted numerous ways. The Uroboros is a common symbol from numerous ancient mythologies. Sometimes, it would be drawn as a dragon. The serpent itself represents knowledge. When the snake is eating its own tail, that represents the cycle of life and the painful process of learning. You could write a philosophical book about what has meant to the many ancient cultures that used that symbol or one similar to it. 

The Left Hand Rashguard and Shorts are made from premium materials. The top is 270gsm lycra and has reinforced stitching at all the stress points so it lasts and the design is fully sublimated. The top isn’t too tight or too loose and fits very true to size. The shorts are stretchy polyester and have a spandex insert for a ton of mobility. The shorts are true to size and land just a bit longer than mid thigh on me (I’m 6’3” and 180 lbs), in other words, not too long and not too short (we’ll save the hoochie daddy shorts for the next release). The waistband is perfect with industrial velcro, an inside drawstring and a mouth guard pocket. What more could you ask for? 

We might be a bunch of metal-heads and “black sheep” but we wanted to bring something new and unique to the table. This rash guard is made for the warrior class but has the intelligence we try to approach our training with. We make gear for the free spirited, free thinking people that don’t care what anyone thinks. We Just want to get better at our craft and we don’t care about going against the grain. These are principles any Jiujiteiro or Jiu Jitsu player should be able to get behind since it’s what we practice every day. Go check them out right now LIVE and on sale! Treat yourself this holiday season with the gift every grappler needs, new BJJ gear.

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