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Left Hand Path Shorts

Left Hand Path Shorts

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These iconic fight shorts are perfect for training or competition. High quality and just the right weight. The Left Hand fight shorts are exactly what you are looking for to stand out from the crowd. This design means a lot to us. Read about the intricacies of the design in our article. We’ve always gone against the grain and our designs aren’t any different. The iconography has a great deal of meaning and represents a number of principles that we all practice in Jiujitsu. Additionally, the sigil on the left leg is surrounded by the Ouroboros, a snake eating its tail. Numerous ancient cultures considered this to be a very powerful symbol. Not only does it represent the process of learning, life and death, but also the cyclical nature of life and knowledge. The print on the opposite leg is borrowed mostly from “The Keys of Solomon.”


  • Velcro & Drawstring Waistband
  • Inner Pocet
  • Fully Sublimated Design
  • Fitted Cut
  • Beautiful Designs

We are incredibly proud to roll out our new V2.0 designs of all of your favorite rashguards. This is a 270gsm velcro resistant blend, making it durable, but still breathable and comfortable. Pair this with Left Hand Path Rashguard to complete the Left Hand Set. Maybe try something completely different with a "Submisions" rashguard. You all loved this design and so did we, now its back and better than ever! Check us out on instagram (@goforthbrand) and stay up to date on the latest sales and drops by signing up for our email list!

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