The Go Forth Mission

The Go Forth Mission

We’ve been making a lot of moves very quickly as we ramp up for some big announcements. In the last couple weeks as we have gotten Go Forth up and running several people have reached out asking about us and what we are. More than just a grappling gear and apparel, Go Forth represents all the misfits and metal heads. Just an island of misfit toys trying to make grappling more accessible to all people.


Our mission is simple, advance the art of ground combat by providing opportunities to as many up and coming athletes and aspiring pros as we can. The owners, Ken Martin and Aaron Lynde avidly train Jiujitsu and try to stay active in the competition scene themselves. They often get caught saying the typical phrase we’ve all heard many times on the mats, “Jiujitsu saved my life.” They attribute most, if not all, of the positive changes in their lives to Jiujitsu and want to share that with as many people as possible.


There’s numerous BJJ/Grappling gear companies but none as metal as us. Few brands take the time and effort the Go Forth team takes to make sure everything is up to their exact standards, but we don’t stop there. In our first month we’ve already given more back to our quickly growing community than ever before. Helping several athletes get sponsorship money by printing custom gear, sponsoring events like Don’t Tap Championship that provide opportunities from white belt to black belt, and helped with travel costs for competitors we admire, just to name a few. We hope you can get behind and support our mission and be a part of this team. Making it more feasible for grapplers to make a living and make a difference right now! Stay tuned for all the awesome announcements coming down the pipe, there’s some wild opportunities we’ve had that we are excited to share. 


Be on the lookout for the following announcements on our socials:

  • Gear Giveaways weekly on our live feed on Instagram
  • Jime Litwalk (insta: @jimelitwalk) collab!
  • LHP Rash guard drop
  • HUGE December collab announcement
  • Ranked Rashguards coming soon! With IBJJF legal shorts!
  • Black Friday Deals
  • Flash sales in our Insta story


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