What To Expect In The New Year

What To Expect In The New Year

What to expect in the new year!

We couldn’t have “Go Forth and conquer” as our slogan if we ever rested or took a day off. This coming year won’t be any different. We are extremely excited and grateful to see our community growing rapidly. More and more we are getting photos and videos from the many people that have ordered gear and support the brand mission (we always love receiving pictures of our gear in the wild). If you don’t already know, Go Forth has one simple mission: Advance the art of ground combat and provide opportunities to the up and coming athletes of the sport.

We are very excited to announce partnerships/sponsorships with some awesome new names. These names will become well known in the Jiujitsu community sooner than later, we believe. A couple of the athletes we are already sponsoring have done quite well in competition this past year, including podiums in Worlds, Pans and several IBJJF opens. We expect to see a lot more of our gear making podiums in 2023.

To kick off the new year several of our teammates from Black Flag Jiujitsu (PSF Rockford) will be competing on Don’t Tap Championship on January 7th. You can tune in for free at www.Fightstreams.live and see one of the Go Forth owners competing as well. Aaron Lynde (ig: @teamsunshinebjj) is an owner of Go Forth and the head coach of the Black Flag Jiujitsu/PSF Rockford comp team. There are numerous exciting matches on this card including our friend CJ Murdock on the main event from Pedigo Submission Fighting. You don’t want to miss this.

Go Forth is going to be releasing new designs and apparel throughout this coming year. We vow to bring you only the best at very fair prices. We have plans for an IBJJF legal shorts, two gi drops (just in time for gi season) and 6 new rash guard sets and that’s just the first half of the year. Watch out for the Go Forth gear bag backpack, our premium drawstring bag with pockets, branded slides for when you step off the mat and even a new bomber jacket. You can expect more fun designs from the likes of Jime Litwalk that will make you smile and more occult designs that will also make you smile in a different way. Like we said, the Go Forth team doesn’t sleep so don’t sleep on us.

We appreciate your continued support. Every purchase brings us closer to fulfilling our mission. We vow that in 2023 to drop as many crazy designs as possible, to continue building our athlete support opportunities, to do more giveaways, to add more value to this community through sponsorships and quality content, provide more seminars locally and help new gyms create academy gear. There’s no way we can fail this coming year if our budding community will join us in helping spread the word about this revolution in grappling gear. You deserve to demand more from the companies you support and we will do everything we can to provide more value in exchange for that support. Now, do as thou wilt and Go Forth and conquer.

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